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MAPA Membership
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5 REasons to Join

  1. Technical Assistance
    MAPA provides customized on-call troubleshooting and evaluation for project challenges and questions. MAPA will engage on behalf of member companies and prevent small issues from becoming new industry-wide mandates.
  2. Customer Engagement
    MAPA meets monthly, biannually, and as-needed with key MnDOT and agency staff and leadership to discuss issues of importance to the asphalt industry such as: LCCA inputs, materials choices, spec changes, implementation, and continuity.
  3. Legislative Representation
    MAPA engages two professional lobbyists and participates in coalition groups to advocate for road industry funding, safety, workforce development, and asphalt market protection.
  4. Training and Events
    MAPA has a full calendar of training and networking events throughout the year. Our associate members provide educational seminars to enhance your business performance, and MAPA hosts two conferences each year with technical information and training.
  5. Strength Together to Respond
    It is time-consuming and costly for individual companies advocate for asphalt-related issues to public owners and the state. MAPA provides the strength in numbers needed to affect change and influence policy. The more of us there are, the stronger our voice is.

MAPA Membership Types

Regular Members:

Producer Member

Any individual, firm or corporation operated on a for-profit basis engaged in the manufacture or production of plant mix asphalt.

If you are interested in joining as a producer member, contact

Non-Producer Member

Any individual, firm or corporation operated on a for-profit basis engaged in the placement of plant mix asphalt, but does not own or operate plant mix asphalt production facilities.

If you are interested in joining as a non-producer member, contact

Associate Members:

Associate members can click "join" below or download the pdf: Associate Membership Form.

Sustaining Associate   JOIN

A firm which supports the Asphalt Industry but does not sell or place aggregate, asphalt or sell equipment used in relation to the production, placement or transportation of plant mix asphalt.

  • $1,000

Supporting & Equipment Distributor   JOIN

A firm which manufactures or supplies equipment, or which supplies or hauls aggregate, asphalt or materials to be used in the production, placement of plant mix asphalt or related construction operations. The firm is not engaged in the manufacture, production or placement of plant mix asphalt.

  • $ 0 - 5 million/year: $1,500
  • $ 5 - 50 million/year: $2,000
  • Over $50 million/year: $3,000

Major Associate   JOIN

A firm which is a refiner of asphalt cement.

  • Based on scale for previous year's construction season:

    __________ tons of asphalt cement sold @ $ .10 ( ten cents) per ton = $__________


Consultant Associate   JOIN

Limited to those individuals who are not associated with a MAPA member firm, or a firm eligible for MAPA membership, but are involved in the Construction Industry on a technical consulting basis.

  • $1,000


“Out of State MAPA Advisory Fee”

Any MAPA individual, firm or corporation operated on a for-profit basis engaged in the manufacture or production or placement of aggregate, asphalt or related construction operations. The for-profit basis will include the states of ND, SD, IA & WI operating within the existing MAPA Strategic Plan & By-laws for Industry related plant mix asphalt services. The MAPA member can join anytime prior to need of “Out of State Advisory Service” but must be current in MAPA dues payment (not exceeding 60 days). The following category is applicable: Interstate, highway, county, municipal, local project, commercial and/or private work**

  • $3,000

** Advisory Fee not to exceed $3,000 total with the following exception: if warranted, MAPA staff’s travel, lodging, mileage, air fare, and/or out-of-pocket expenses will be additional billable items on an Actual Cost Plus Basis to the above. Mileage is to be reimbursed at the current Federal Rate.