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MAPA Quality Paving Certificate

Launching: Spring 2021


The MAPA Quality Paving Certificate Program will provide your staff with training needed to perform quality paving work. Show customers that you are a step above the rest with the certified staff to prove it.

The program is designed as an introduction to asphalt and paving, for workers from 0-3 years in the field.

Upon completion of the program, learners will receive basic exposure and understanding of the asphalt paving process with an emphasis in commercial and residential settings.

Certificate holders will:

  • Have a technical knowledge of all aspects of the asphalt paving process
  • Be able to define what it means to be construction ready
  • Understand site safety management
  • Be able to communicate professionally and knowledgeably

The program includes 5 different training modules:

Introduction to Asphalt/Pavement Structures and Materials

This session will cover general classification of soil types, their properties, and bituminous designations. Common mix types and how to apply them to various applications will be addressed.

Introduction to Plant Management

This session will cover plant order and communication procedures, operations, and how mix is produced. This training will utilize drone video to show site migration from plant communications, ordering of mix types, timelines of hauling mix, number of trucks, basic safety and yard etiquette, and loading procedures.

Equipment Best Practices

This session will provide best practices for construction, including but not limited to compaction and laydown density. This session will present basic concepts on paving procedures as well as equipment maintenance and understanding the equipment around you.

Customer Service and Materials Knowledge

This session will cover how one “shows up” to the job site, how to speak to the customer professionally and help them understand the benefits of asphalt. This session also address site safety and situational awareness.

Tack Best Practices

This session will provide understanding of the role and importance of tack and proper installation in the pavement process, including best practices.