Summary of the 2016 NAPA Annual Meeting

The State Asphalt Pavement Associations (SAPA) and the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) held separate Annual meetings in La Quinta, CA from Feb. 5 through Feb. 10. Key highlights and takeaways from the meeting are included below.

The NAPA Pavement Economics Committee is working to create and release the following software and publications that help to market asphalt pavement. Most of the information below can be found at asphaltpavement.org

  • PaveXpress is a pavement design software for engineers and includes a pavement cost module for comparing alternate pavement designs. (pavexpressdesign.com)
  • PerRoad for designing perpetual pavements will be updated to allow the comparison between perpetual pavement and typical asphalt pavements. (asphaltroads.org)
  • Porous Pavement Structural Design – due in 2017
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis Guidance Report – due in 2017
  • Improved Performance with Premium Materials Report – due in 2017
  • IRI Explorer examines pavement ride throughout the country and in Minnesota (iriexplorer.com)
  • Development of Environmental Product Declarations for Asphalt Pavement – due later in 2016
  • Considerations and Case Studies in Rapid Highway Construction using Asphalt Pavement
  • Thinlay Guidance Document for mixes less than one inch thick – due later in 2016
  • Guidance for use in meetings with the general public – due later in 2016

NAPA worked closely at the Capitol to help get the FAST Act passed without unfair language related to pavement design.


MAPA will keep you posted as these materials become available.


Other Publications:

Best Practices for RAP and RAS Management, Quality Improvement Series 129

High RAP Asphalt Pavements: Japan Practice – Lesson Learned, Information Series 139

Steady Increase in Asphalt Sustainability (www.asphaltpavement.org/recycling#Results)

Unintended Consequences: A Research Synthesis Examining the Use of Reflective Pavements to Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect (https://ncesmart.asu.edu/news/unintended-consequences)



See www.asphaltpavement.org/webinar for information on NAPA Educational Webinars.

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