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June 2019 ENEWS

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Governor Walz Signs Workzone Safety Bill

Governor Walz and Advocates
Last Friday, MAPA joined other advocates to witness the signing of a bill that would address the disobeying of road workzone flagger directives. The bill, which is modeled after statue that relates to school bus arms, will give flaggers the ability to call law enforcement and identify a motorist that disobeys their directive. Law enforcement can then locate the violating vehicle and has discretion to issue a citation.
MAPA worked with AGC, the Laborers, and the Citizens for Safe Work Zones to pass the bill, which has been a multi-year effort. Training for this new safety measure will be included in the flagger training curriculum next year.

May Associate Committee Event at Canterbury Park

Attendees with Winning horse, Kids enjoying the Racetrack
Winning Ticket, Photo finish

Last month, the MAPA Associate Committee sponsored a day at the Canterbury Park for MAPA members and families. It was a fantastic day! We all enjoyed watching the races, a VIP visit to the paddock and photo with the winning horse for the MAPA sponsored race.

Hope you can join us next year!

Many thanks to our Sponsors:


Wright County Proposal for Additional Asphalt Plant Environmental Review

Wright County Courthouse
The Wright County board is considering the requirement of an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) on the request for a conditional use permit for an asphalt plant in their county. The proposed site is near a residential area, and the residents have submitted a petition to the board for additional environmental oversight. EAWs are in addition to MPCA requirements, and the process can cost up to $100,000 and take around 9 months.
MAPA Staff joined the member company at the board meeting to speak against the EAW request and highlight the safety and low pollution impacts of asphalt plants. The discussion was continued for two successive committees, and after 3 weeks of communication with the board members, our efforts were successful and the board will not require the additional environmental review. 
If your company encounters challenges with a local government on issues related to the asphalt industry, please contact MAPA for assistance. It is important to address concerns early so they don’t develop into precedent setting policies.


Congressman Pete Stauber and LCCA Legislation

Pete Stauber and Northland Constructors

MAPA members Northland Constructors hosted a small meeting with Congressman Pete Stauber last week at their headquarters in Duluth. Representative Stauber is a first term Republican Congressman from Hermantown. He sits on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Small Business Committee.

We met to discuss the asphalt pavement industry as well as his bill that would impose a federally mandated Life Cycle Cost Analysis to compare asphalt and concrete solutions for federal projects.

MAPA and NAPA have concerns with this proposal as our primary focus regarding LCCAs is the availability of good data for these inputs, which is a challenge for all states. Minnesota already has a state mandated LCCA process, although many, including MnDOT, would like to repeal the law. A 2014 Office of the Legislative Auditor review of the pavement selection process has also recommended the state mandate be repealed.

The conversation was helpful, and revealed that Congressman Stauber will be a productive member of Congress, looking to push through much of the current gridlock and hyper-partisanship that plagues Congress today.

If you are interested in hosting a meeting with your congressperson or state legislator, please contact MAPA for assistance.

MAPA Committees Updates

Asphalt Technology Committee Meeting

Thursday, June 27th 1:00 pm 


The MAPA Asphalt Quality and Technology Committee will be meeting Thursday, June 27th at 1pm in Maplewood. This forum is comprised of asphalt contractors and public owners who meet to discuss advances in technology in the asphalt industry, ways to implement that technology, report research findings from pilot projects, and share best practices. The group meets twice per year. If you are a MAPA member and are interested in participating in this forum, please contact Brandon Brever.

Commercial/Residential Committee Forming

Parking lot
MAPA is forming a new committee for contractors who perform commercial and residential work to discussed related items. Training, utility and local government challenges, quality and mix design will all be discussed in this group as they relate to the commercial market. Please contact MAPA if you are interested in participating.

The Annual Conference is Back @ the Northland!

December 4-5

Marriott Northwest, Brooklyn Park

The newly branded "Minnesota Asphalt Conference 2019" will be held December 4-5 This year we are back at the “Northland” (now Marriott Northwest) in Brooklyn Park. We will largely revert back to the traditional schedule with hospitality rooms in the afternoon. For the first time ever we are combining our conference with the Minnesota Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists (MAAPT) for the aforementioned “Minnesota Asphalt Conference 2019”. There will be more options than ever for breakout sessions, networking, and fellowship. Hope to see you there!



MAPA Golf Outing
We are ready FORE summer and another great golf event! Mark your calendar for August 12 and get your foursome together as you won’t want to miss this year. We’re back at Bunker Hills and registration for golfers and sponsors will be opening soon.
This will be a great networking opportunity for all participants. We are hoping for another great turnout and beautiful August weather. Proceeds will go to the MAPA Scholarship Fund and Academic Institution Donation Fund.

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MAPA Scholarship


MAPA is in the process of redesigning the scholarship program to better focus on employment in the asphalt industry. We will not be receiving individual scholarship applications through MAPA this year like we have done in past years. More updates will be made available as the program is finalized.


The State of MN has recently imposed a strict interpretation of the employee vs. independent contractor classification for ITOs within the context of an unemployment audit. If your company utilizes Independent Trucking Owner/Operators, make certain they are acquired through a broker or are registered as an LLC. If they are not, and your company undergoes a state unemployment audit, you may be required to pay back taxes, uninsurance, and penalties.