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June ENEWS 2020

MAPA Golf Outing


10:30 AM – 7:00 PM 


We are ready FORE summer and another great golf event! Mark your calendar for August 10 and get your foursome together today! 

Due to current restrictions, we will be capping registration at the first 100 players, so make sure you register ASAP! Should things change before August 10 that would allow us to have more players, we will be sure to keep you informed and up to date.

Proceeds from this great event will go to the MAPA Scholarship Fund and Academic Institution Donation Fund.

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Transportation FundinG Sustained for MnDOT

The gas tax and motor vehicle sales tax revenues experienced a sharp decline during the stay-at-home order for COVID-19, but MnDOT says no projects will be cut. MnDOT estimates a biennial decrease of $400 million to the Highway User Tax Distribution Fund. This reduction will be felt proportionally among the different systems - 62% to MnDOT, 29% to counties, and 9% to cities.

MnDOT plans to use their trunk highway reserves to make up for the decline in revenue, which would leave their reserve balance at $9 million. At this time, they do not anticipate project cancellations.

Local agencies do not have similar funding reserves, and the way in which the revenue drop will be addressed will differ across the state. State Aid estimates at 15% overall reduction. Counties that depend on local option sales taxes will experience deeper deficits, as those have declined sharply as well.

New Categories for MAPA Membership

MAPA has added new membership categories to encourage participation from smaller residential and commercial contractors. The new dues structure is as follows:

  • 0-15,000 tons = $1,500/year or $125/month
  • 15,001 - 50,000 tons = $2,500/year or $208.33/month
  • 50,001 - 75,000 tons = $3,500/year or $291.67/month
  • 75,001 - 100,000 tons = $4,000/year or $333.33/month

If you know of a company that fits into these new categories that can benefit from MAPA membership please contact us at

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MAPA Member Tests New Waved Paver Screed

Valley Paving tried out a new type of screed plate in a local county project that has recently been introduced to the market. The screed helps aid in compaction behind the asphalt paver essentially by kneading the asphalt together to allow for the material to create a better aggregate interlock. Crews are looking at getting 87-89% densities right behind the paver.

Many paving companies know the importance of achieving density right behind the paver when the mix is still at its hottest temperatures. Obtaining compaction right behind the paver is also why manufacturers are working on developing higher density screeds that help achieve density levels before the roller even hits the mat.

So far there have been no complaints from the agency. Some shadowing can be seen similar to pneumatic rubber tire roller marks on the pavement after rolling. The end result is equally as smooth as normal screed plates and shows no issues with a straight edge.

Screed plate underneath the paver
Screed plate underneath the paver

Pavement directly behind the paver
Pavement directly behind the paver

Final rolled pavement
Final rolled pavement

Quality Training

MAPA Quality Paving CertiFIcate Program

MAPA is developing a new industry training program called the MAPA Quality Paving Certificate Program. This training is designed for new entrants to 3 years of experience to asphalt paving. 

Topics will include: Bituminous, Soils, and Materials, Introduction to Plant Management, Equipment Best Practices, Tack Best Practices, and Customer Service and Materials Knowledge. This is intended to be a one-day course.

The program in slated to launch in April of 2021. Become MAPA Certified and show customers that you are a quality paver!

Stay tuned for more information.

Questions: Abbey Bryduck

District 6 and 7 meetings

MN Disctricts

MAPA staff and local contractors met via webinar recently with District 6 & 7 top staff. This was a good opportunity to connect with the districts on key topics related to their area. Topics discussed included: COVID-19 impacts on the job, IC/thermal use on smaller jobs, the use of thinlay, VEDA training, tack issues, and pavement life.

MAPA will be asking all MnDOT districts to participate in virtual meetings this year and will invite member companies in their respective districts.


Special Session

A legislative special session ended last Friday without coming to agreement on most issues. Only 4 bills were passed and signed into law. 

  • HF5: Emergency small business grants and loans
  • HF11: An omnibus health and human services policy bill
  • HF65: Adds a distinguishing feature to the design of enhanced IDs, and establishes fees for replacement license plates.
  • HF37: Provides certain tax exemptions for solid waste management, recyclable materials and source-separated compostable materials and extends appropriations made from the environment and natural resources trust fund.

Left unaddressed was a bonding bill, appropriation of the federal CARES Act distribution to local government to address COVID-19 related issues, and police reform.  The Governor may call the legislature back into session after agreements are found. 

Stay tuned for more details.

SuperPave 5 Projects


You may have seen projects throughout the state that are using the pilot specification for Superpave 5. MAPA will be closely monitoring these projects to gauge the impact on performance and constructibility. Issues and results will be brought up at the MAPA December Asphalt Technology Committee meeting. If you would like to be included on the committee email Brandon Brever (

More information about SuperPave 5 in this article


COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Required for All Businesses

Signed by Governor Tim Walz on June 5, Executive Order 20-74 requires critical businesses to adopt a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. Prior to this order, only non-critical businesses were required to have a Preparedness Plan before reopening.

The commissioners of the Departments of Health, Employment and Economic Development (DEED), and Labor and Industry (DLI) have provided additional guidance which can be found here.

Additional Guidance

RDO Opens New Store in Dayton, MN

RDO Exterior
RDO Interior Shop
RDO Interior Parts

DAYTON, Minn. (June 16, 2020) – Just in time for the busy summer construction season, RDO Equipment Co.’s new, full-service store in Dayton is open. The Dayton store is the result of an integration between two previously separate stores in the area and is designed to better meet the equipment and technology needs of customers in the north metro area. The new 45,000-square-foot store combines the parts support of RDO’s former Brooklyn Park location and the Topcon technology focus of its former store in Bloomington.

The Dayton store is conveniently located at 11030 Holly Lane, directly adjacent to Interstate 94 and the 610 interchange. C

A grand opening is planned for next year; watch for more info here on the RDO website and follow the RDO Dayton store on Facebook.