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May ENEWS 2020

Flagger Training Classes Canceled

Flagger Training

MnDOT’s Flagger Train the Trainer classes scheduled for May 19th and June 2nd are canceled due to COVID-19. This training has hands-on elements that require trainers to attend in-person. MnDOT’s training facilities are not available to hold training until it is determined safe to do so. Should a company have issues with flagger capacity due to these classes benign canceled MnDOT will work with that contractor to accommodate their needs. Contact Jackie Brown  ( for questions related to flagger training. Email for questions regarding registration.

MNDOT Estimates $400M Decline in Funding Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

MnDOT’s updated budget projection for the 20/21 fiscal year includes a $400 million (or 8%) deficit for the highway trust fund. This number goes into the “62-29-9” formula which divides that lost revenue between MNDOT, counties, and cities, respectively. Allocations for 2020 will not change as of this time. These reductions will also impact debt capacity if spending isn’t reduced. As evidenced by the chart below, some of the road funding sources are performing better than others. ($s in millions)

See Full Document Here

Source: MnDOT May 5, 2020


MVST - Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
MVLST - Motor Vehicle Lease Sales Tax (not to be confused with rentals)

2020 Session Ends Without Bonding Bill


The 2020 regular legislative session concluded Monday, May 18th. There has yet to be a bonding bill agreed upon by the 4 legislative caucuses. Both the House and the Governor have released proposals - the House proposal includes $113 million for roads and the Governor included $107 million. The House proposal failed to pass the floor this weekend, lacking the 6 GOP votes needed for passage. 

The House Minority Leader, Rep. Kurt Daudt (GOP), has announced that the House GOP wouldn’t support a bonding bill while the Governor’s peacetime emergency powers were in place. This is not to be confused with the Governor’s stay-at-home order. If the House GOP sticks with this claim, the earliest a bonding bill would pass is during a mid-June special session.

The Senate offered a proposal on Saturday, and this, too, did not have the votes to pass. We should expect to see further discussion in a special session and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka reported (on Twitter) that the negotiations are between $1.1 and $1.3 billion. 

It is extremely important to contact your legislators to voice support for a bonding bill with a robust roads element. MnDOT predicts a $400m deficit in revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Find your legislator here

Find your Legislator


MnDOT COVID-19 Lab Monitoring and Truck Ticketing

Plant Monitoring

MnDOT is released the following guidance for projects as it pertains to MnDOT plant monitoring of bituminous and concrete QC activities, sampling and testing for any and all materials.

View Monitoring Memo


Contactless Ticket Methods

At this time MnDOT is not requiring E-ticketing on projects, although this is one of the options below that can be used to help implement contactless ticket taking.

MnDOT will be temporarily allowing the electronic submittal of load tickets on construction projects. The electronic format can be agreed to by the Engineer and Contractor (PDF, photo, etc.). All of the existing contractual requirements related to tickets still remain (timing of submittal, information on ticket, etc.).

View the MnDOT memo on Contactless Ticket Methods

Events: Golf August 10th and Sporting Clays Sept 22nd

MAPA has two late summer/fall events each year- our Golf Tournament and Sporting Clays event. At this time, we are working with the respective venues to allow for them to take place safely. We’ll have more information as we near the dates. Stay tuned, it will be great to see everyone if we are able to proceed.

Golf Outing

Save The DAte:

7th Annual MAPA Golf Outing

Monday, August 10th, 2020
Bunker Hills Golf Club
Coon Rapids, MN  

Registration coming soon! 

As of today, MAPA is still planning to hold the 7th Annual Golf Outing and will provide updates should there be any changes.

Golf Outing

Save The Date:

2020 MAPA Sporting Clay Shoot

tuesday, September 22, 2020

NMAPA Welcomes New Member: Allstates Pavement REcycling and Stabilization

AllStates Pavement Recycling

Based in Minnesota, Allstates Pavement Recycling & Stabilization is an industry leader in the fast growing pavement recycling and soil stabilization market.

14280 James Road, Rogers, MN 55374
(360) 391-8403


Quality Training

MAPA Quality Paving CertiFIcate Program

MAPA is developing a new industry training program called the MAPA Quality Paving Certificate Program. This training is designed for new entrants to 3 years of experience to asphalt paving. 

Topics will include: Bituminous, Soils, and Materials, Introduction to Plant Management, Equipment Best Practices, Tack Best Practices, and Customer Service and Materials Knowledge. This is intended to be a one-day course.

The program in slated to launch in April of 2021. Become MAPA Certified and show customers that you are a quality paver!

Stay tuned for more information.

Questions: Abbey Bryduck

Complete MnDOT Annual Prevailing-Wage Survey


Your participation in the survey is voluntary and important to identify and certify state prevailing-wage rates in Minnesota.

How you can participate:

You can submit your information electronically or by mailing a paper survey before June 5, 2020. Visit and use the personal identification number (PIN) and key provided in the letter that was mailed to you to login or to download a paper survey.

Take the Survey

Helpful tips for completing the survey

  • "Project" means the erection, construction, remodeling or repairing of commercial, residential or public buildings, or any highway and heavy construction.
  • Reported projects can include private and public work.
  • The project name should refer to the building name, property owner, bridge number or highway number. Do not use abbreviations or lengthy descriptors.
  • Provide a brief description of the work performed such as:  new construction -- painting all interiors; remodel -- installation of  windows and doors; installation of new mechanical systems; pavement marking between MM 140-148; or resurfacing of bridge decks.
  • "Date work was performed" is the date of work reported as long as the employee has worked a minimum of eight hours on the project.

More information

If you have questions or would like more information, contact us at 651-284-5091 or


SAPA Sends letter to congress About Federal Transportation Funding

The State Asphalt Pavement Association's executives sent a joint letter to congress regarding federal transportation funding. The letter (attached) signed by MAPA's Abbey Bryduck, including the following statement. In closing, providing immediate relief for state transportation departments and enacting a robust Federal-aid Highway program authorization will jumpstart the economy, provide jobs, and build the infrastructure that allows all Americans to prosper in the 21st century. (Article in Construction Pro Magazine)