MnDOT Receives Record Awards

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has the record of 15 National Perpetual Pavement Awards over the past 15 years for the following roadways:

  • Interstate 35 near Willow River in 2002,
  • USTH 71 south of Park Rapids in 2003,
  • USTH 10 in Anoka in 2004,
  • TH 18 between Garrison and Brainerd in 2005,
  • USTH 61 between Wabasha and Kellogg in 2006,
  • USTH 71 near New London in 2007,
  • TH 36 south of Stillwater in 2008,
  • USTH 10 east of Detroit Lakes to Perham in 2009,
  • USTH 61 near Silver Bay in 2010,
  • USTH 71 between Sauk Centre and Long Prairie in 2011,
  • USTH 61 between Kellogg and Minnesota City in 2012, and
  • TH 95 south of Stillwater to Bayport in 2013,
  • TH 47 in Fridley in 2014, and
  • TH 71 north of Bemidji in 2015.
  • TH 371 north of Pine River

The criteria for this prestigious national award are pavement sections that are 35 years or older, have not had major structural failure, have on average at least 13 years between overlays, and should demonstrate excellence in design, quality in construction and value to the traveling public (see www.AsphaltRoads.org). The figure below shows the number of Perpetual Pavement Awards per states or province.

The concept of Perpetual Pavement was introduced in 2001 by the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) [visit the APA’s updated web site at www.AsphaltRoads.org]. From 2001 to today, the APA has presented 100 Perpetual Pavement awards. The awards recognize that many well-built asphalt pavements have been in service for decades with only minor periodic surface rehabilitation. There are several advantages to building long-life pavements including low life-cycle cost, low user-delay impacts, and low environmental impacts by reducing the amount of materials needed over the life of the pavements.

The submitted project is Minnesota Trunk Highway 371 in Cass County from 0.573 miles north of TH 84 in Pine River, MN to 0.7 miles south of TH 87. This highway is an example of design and endorsement of long-life, perpetual asphalt pavement in Minnesota. The initial staged construction of TH 371 started in 1971 with 3” of asphalt pavement placed. 2” was added for the final lift in 1977.

This 7.7 mile long segment of TH 371 is a major route for daily commuting and truck traffic. Thanks to the progressive vision and partnering efforts of agency and industry representatives, this project (TH 371) is proudly being submitted by Minnesota as a Perpetual Pavement Award Nomination. The project has demonstrated outstanding design, construction, and performance value for 45 years of service to the traveling public of Minnesota.

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