2017 Asphalt Paving Awards

Perpetual Pavement Award

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has the record of 15 National Perpetual Pavement Awards over the past 15 years.


The criteria for this prestigious national award are pavement sections that are 35 years or older, have not had major structural failure, have on average at least 13 years between overlays, and should demonstrate excellence in design, quality in construction and value to the traveling public (see www.AsphaltRoads.org). The figure below shows the number of Perpetual Pavement Awards per states or province.

The 2016 award winning project (TH 371 North of Pine River, MN) is an example of design and endorsement of long-life, perpetual asphalt pavement in Minnesota. The initial construction of the TH 371 alignment was in 1977.

This 7.7 mile long segment of TH 371 is a major route for daily commuting and truck traffic. Thanks to the progressive vision and partnering efforts of agency and industry representatives, this project (TH 371) is proudly being submitted by Minnesota as a Perpetual Pavement Award Nomination. The project has demonstrated outstanding design, construction, and performance value for 45 years of service to the traveling public of Minnesota.

Through projects such as this, Minnesota played an outstanding role in the history of transportation, technological change, and asphalt construction. Congratulations to the Minnesota Department of Transportation!




(L to R): Dan Anderson (MnDOT), Tony Hughes (MnDOT), Jody Martinson (MnDOT), Dan Staebell (Asphalt Pavement Alliance)


Work Zone Safety Award

Static Low Volume is SP 2781-432, in Metro District, on TH 94 from TH 694 to Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis

Some Highlights:

  • A Value Engineering Study indicated a reduced impact to traffic and a shorter duration by selecting a bituminous overlay over CPR.
  • 4 lanes of traffic were staged thru one barrel of the Lowry Hill tunnel to increase worker safety by separating traffic from the work zone.
  • A+B contracting and incentives were used to give the contractor the opportunity to innovate and accelerate the baseline staging plan.

There was daily coordination between the Chief Inspectors and the Contractor for all issues including traffic control. All devices were in good to excellent condition.

(L to R): Eric Bertossi (Warning Lights), Steve Barrett (MnDOT), Duane Tennison (MnDOT), Jody Martinson (MnDOT), Mark Holman (MnDOT), Amanda S., Scott Sayer (Valley Paving), John Wokasch (Valley Paving), Matt Diederich (Valley Paving),


Asphalt Paving Awards

A “Merit Award” program was initiated in 1962 and has had a significant effect on the quality of construction by publicly honoring the “Best Projects” in a variety of categories each year. In 1999 it was decided that the Annual Asphalt Conference sponsored by MAAPT and the MAPA Annual Meeting would be tied back-to-back. Therefore, the awards program was also reviewed for this joint social/ banquet/ awards ceremony from 2000 to today.

2017 Asphalt Paving Awards Committee:

John Garrity – MnDOT Bituminous Office, Co-Chair

Dan Boerner – MnDOT Aeronautics

Greg Johnson – MnDOT Bituminous Office

Joel Ulring – MnDOT State Aid

Tim Clyne – MnDOT Materials

Tim Mueller – Wm. Mueller & Sons

Brad Schmidtbauer – North Valley, Inc.

Brandon Brever – MAPA, Co-Chair


The categories for this year’s Asphalt Merit Awards are:

  • New/ Major Reconstruction
  • Reconditioning/ Reconstruction
  • Resurfacing/ Thin Overlay – High Traffic Volume
  • Resurfacing/ Thin Overlay – Low Traffic Volume
  • County/ Municipal Urban New or Reconstruct
  • County/ Municipal Rural New or Reconstruct
  • County/ Municipal Urban Resurface
  • County/ Municipal Rural Resurface
  • County Roads Local Funds Only

New/ Major Reconstruction

SP 6918-86 TH 53 (Virginia) District 1

Agency: MnDOT

Consultant: WSB & Associates

Contractor: KGM Contractors, & Kiewit


(L to R; Front): Andy Johnson (MnDOT), Bryon Amo, Gary Gruber, Paul Kyle (WSB), Dave Clement (KGM) (L to R; Back): Tom Kuas, Heath Line (KGM), Pat Huston, Duane Hill, Jody Martinson (MnDOT), Chuck Andrews (KGM), Adam Ryan, Hasib Hussain (Kiewit)

Reconditioning/ Reconstruction

SP 5580-180 T.H. 35 (Pine County) District 1
Agency: MnDOT
Contractor: Knife River Materials

(L to R): Dave Becker, Andrew Deming, Duane Hill, Jody Martinson (MnDOT), Bryan Pearson, Mark Magnuson (Knife River)

Resurfacing/ Thin Overlay – High Traffic Volume

SP 2506-75 TH 52 NB (Olmsted, Goodhue) District 6
Agency: MnDOT
Contractor: Rochester Sand & Gravel & Dunn Blacktop; (Division of Mathy)

(L to R): Chad Kelly (Dunn Blacktop), Brian Schumacher (Rochester Sand & Gravel), Darrel Olson, Lloyd Carter, Tim Hicks (MnDOT)

Resurfacing/ Thin Overlay – Low Traffic Volume

SP 5380-133 T.H. 90 (Nobles and Jackson County) District 7
Agency: MnDOT
Contractor: Knife River Corporation – North Central

(L to R): Mike Dierkes (Knife River), Robert Sneller, Keith Bloomgren, Jody Martinson, Scott Kern (MnDOT), Mark Magnuson (Knife River)

County/ Municipal Urban New or Reconstruct

SAP 146-229-005 City Sts (Mounds View) Metro District
Agency: City of Mounds View
Contractor: Midwest Asphalt Corporation

(L to R): Kelvin Medrano (Midwest Asphalt), Mike Warner (Bolton & Menk), Greg Holm (Midwest Asphalt), Ted Schoenecker (MnDOT)

County/ Municipal Rural New or Reconstruct

SAP 057-608-007 CSAH 8 (Pennington County) District 2
Agency: Pennington County
Contractor: Knife River Materials

(L to R): Danny Schmidt (Knife River), Jay Mathieu, Mike Flaagan, Mike Stennes (Pennington County), Ted Schoenecker (MnDOT)

County/ Municipal Urban Resurface

CP 79-13 CR 79 (Scott County) – Metro District
Agency: Scott County
Contractor: Valley Paving, Inc.

(L to R): Mike Fashant, Kari Richardson (Scott County), Brandt Sylvestre, John Wokasch, Matt Diederich (Valley Paving), Ted Schoenecker (MnDOT)

County/ Municipal Rural Resurface

SAP 018-623-013 CSAH 23 (Crow Wing County) – District 3
Agency: Crow Wing County
Contractor: Anderson Brothers Construction Co.

(L to R; Front): Ann Dosh, Ted Dullum, Steve Stroschein, (Crow Wing County), Zach Miles (Anderson Brothers); (L to R; Back): Ted Schoenecker (MnDOT), Butch Holmvig, Todd Fellerman, Mark Melby, Mike Niemi, Tim Miles, Josh Larson (Anderson Brothers),

County Roads Local Funds Only

Henn Co Prj 1658 CSAH 110, 15, 130, 40, 17, 5, 19 (Henn Co) Metro District
Agency: Hennepin County
Contractor: Bituminous Roadways

(L to R): Jim Elletson, Dave Pribow (Bituminous Roadways), Carolyn Fackler (Hennepin County), Mike Kocina (Bituminous Roadways), Ted Schoenecker (MnDOT)


MAPA Partnering Award

New this year, MAPA would like to recognize projects that have shown successful partnering between MnDOT and contractors. MAPA contractor members submitted a project to be awarded at the Annual Awards Banquet. The MAPA board reviewed the submissions and determined the award winner.

What is Partnering?

Partnering is the process of creating a cooperative team by resolving issues in a timely manner.  This helps to ensure project value is retained. Disagreements during the project can arise. Project partnering helps to enable all the stakeholders to develop open lines of communication.


The Winner for MAPA Partnering Award is SP 7001-112, in Metro District, on TH 13 Dakota & Scott Co.


Contractor: Valley Paving

Project Highlights

  • Time & Traffic: The contractor was allowed 4 weekends with single lane in each direction to be closed on one of the most traveled roadways in the south metro. The contractor had to work around major companies that use the highway. MnDOT staff worked with the contractor on coordinating ramp closures on TH169 and TH 101.
  • Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA): This was the contractors first opportunity to place SMA in Minnesota. There were issues with lab testing tolerance between the producer and MnDOT on this project. The project engineers had to make the difficult decision to proceed with confidence in the product from the supplier and contractor.
  • Communication: The key to the success of this paving project was completing the project in the timeframe. On the first weekend there were 8 crews from 5 different companies working on the project from 7pm Friday night to midnight on Sunday night. The project was scheduled with great phone and email communication between all parties involved.

Most of the decisions were made at the project level, working together with the same goal, we can build a quality road as efficiently and effectively as the traveling public and tax payer would want.

-Brent Carron, Valley Paving


(L to R): Brent Carron (Valley Paving), Tracy Buck, Paul Brammer, Patrick Kinnane (MnDOT)


MN Industry Ecological Commendation Awards

The Ecological Commendation Awards program recognizes asphalt pavement production facilities that best demonstrate safe and responsible environmental practices. Facilities are judged on their design layout, clean operation, conducted tours for neighborhoods/local community groups/school groups and appearance. Earning the Ecological Commendation serves as a signal to the employees and neighbors that an asphalt pavement facility is a good neighbor.


Bituminous Roadways

(3 Plants)

  • Inver Grove Heights Plant
  • Minneapolis Plant
  • Shakopee Plant


Commercial Asphalt Co.

(10 Plants)

  • Burnsville Plant No. 2
  • Empire Plant No. 3
  • Maple Grove Plant No. 4
  • Red Rock Plant No. 5
  • Ramsey Plant No. 6
  • Scandia Plant No. 7
  • Elk River Plant No. 8
  • Blaine Plant No. 9
  • Jackson Plant No. 11
  • Eden Prairie No. 12


Hardrives, Inc. (6 Plants)

  • Plant #201
  • Plant #301
  • Plant #401
  • Plant #501
  • Plant #601
  • Plant #701


Mathy Construction Co. (4 Plants)

  • Rochester Sand & Gravel Plant 53
  • Dunn Blacktop Co. Plant 66
  • Rochester Sand & Gravel Plant 77
  • Crane Creek Asphalt Plant 85
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